Our corporate law services are customized for your business and are committed to protecting your business and your future. The types of documents we can help you include: Our lawyers share a comprehensive knowledge of Indian contract law and practices. All applicable laws, as well as the relevant terms and conditions, such as the compromise clause, the arbitration clause and the final integration clause, will be taken into account when the legal document is established. We work with your specific templates, forms and requirements to design the final document, which is tailored to your expectations. Our ethical business practices and unlimited industrial knowledge have helped us to rapidly develop our arena. Bill for partners, we have collected the civil and service agreement that these agreements are concluded between all or part of the shareholders within the company so that you can manage the relationship between shareholders and officers, ownership of shares and the protection of shareholders. We are an ISO-certified company:9001:2015. ISO certification is a sign of confidence in our services. We comply with all legal provisions and comply with international quality standards when we offer contracts and other services to our customers.

The confidentiality agreement binds another party who works with a company to silence by not disclosing secret information about a company`s activity. This is most often signed by a company that works with another company or by an employee who works with the company to protect confidential information. We are happy to advise you on what should be included in your supplier contracts and we make sure they contain all the necessary conditions and provisions. Discuss your situation with our corporate drafting team for more information. After listing the basic information about the parties to the service agreement, you must clearly describe the service provided. This description should be as clear as possible, so that it is unlikely that either side would be comed. The third step in the process of developing a service contract is to examine whether the agreement contains a confidentiality clause or a non-competition clause. These conditions are not necessary, but can be beneficial if the customer wishes to protect his private information.

If the service agreement leads to the manufacture of materials, you must also negotiate ownership of these materials. The service provider or customer may obtain ownership rights to materials produced during the duration of the service contract. Partnership or joint venture agreements are necessary when two companies decide to enter into agreements and cooperate. These conditions make companies comfortable understanding their role, their responsibility, their share of profits and losses and deciding who is the decision maker, so that the activity can proceed smoothly.