However, oral authorization may be legally enforceable if it is considered a contract in accordance with the general principles of contract law. In addition, even if you do not have an explicit oral agreement, you may still have the right to use a work if an authorization can be inferred from the behaviour of the parties. Get the authorization contract signed by each party — it`s anyone who gets the right to use something, or anyone who owns part of the property or who benefits from the authorization granted. Explain all payments or other considerations or restrictions on authorizations, such as. B the possibility for a friend to use your boat and dock only for the summer. In addition, certain types of art, such as film and recorded music, may involve multiple owners, each with a distinct right to different underlying works. For example, to use a Johnny Cash recording, permission would have to be obtained from the record company, the music publisher (owner of the song) and, in some cases, Mr. Cash`s estate. 15.1 All communications required under this Agreement are subject to written form and are deemed (i) in the event of personal delivery; (ii) five (5) days after shipping, in the event of a certified mail, requested return and prepaid postage; or (iii) a (1) business day after shipping, if sent by a commercial night carrier, the fees paid in advance. All communications from one of the contracting parties must be addressed to the address of the other party, as written above (unless otherwise amended by written notification). Most of the situations described in this book relate to obtaining permission to use an existing book. However, you may hire an artist or other creative person to create the work for you. If the creative person qualifies as your collaborator, you automatically have all the rights to the work they create on your behalf and no authorization is required.

The Supreme Court has set standards for determining whether a creative person is an employee. These standards include factors such as whether the person receives weekly or monthly payments (instead of being paid by work), whether you keep taxes for the person and whether the person is receiving benefits. Most permission requests are not exclusive, i.e. others can use the material in the same way as you do. If you have z.B a non-exclusive agreement to use a photo in your cookbook, the same photo could be used in another person`s cookbook (provided permission has been granted).